Zeller 27330 30 cm Serving Plate Stainless Steel Zeller Present Handels GmbH

  • High quality serving plate
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 30 cm diameter
  • All dimensions are approximate
  • High quality product
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Product Description

Serving plate

High quality serving plate made from stainless steel.

Box Contains

1 x Zeller 27330 Serving Plate 30 cm Stainless Steel


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Liz Webb
9 January 2018
Exactly as expectwd
28 August 2018
I purchased this as a camping plate, as I found it difficult to find a 30cm plate from an outdoors camping shop: they are usually 26cm. Not too heavy, but sturdy enough to last, and the steel seems fair quality. For the price, a decent plate and I would purchase another. I would of liked the edges to have been a little on the sloping/bowl shape to hold in the food around the edges. But overall, I'm very happy with my purchase.

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