Techlifer PVC Flexible Duct Hosing 25FT Portable Heavy Duty PVC Ventilation Duct Flexible Fan Ducting 12inch 300mm Dia Flame Retardant for 12” Fan (25FT-12inch/300mm)

Colour Name:16ft/5m-10inch/250mm

  • Features:PVC ducting, durable Type: PVC flexible ducting industrial
  • Length:7.6 m (25 ft); Suits fan diameter: 30.5 cm (12 inch)
  • Fabric reinforcement in the duct keeps most things from puncturing it on a job-site
  • Ducts are easily retractable and designed to handle large volumes of air at relatively low pressure
  • The ducts are flame retardant and easily connect to fan lip, can be used in a number of different applications and uses
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25 FT PVC Flexible Duct Hosing for 300 MM/12 Inch Diameter Exhaust Fan


Portable blower ventilator fans 25 ft (7.6 m) ducting for 12" (30.5 cm) diameter fan ducting. Quickly transforms blower fan (not included) to an exhaust fan with hassle-free and flexible ducting. Ducts include quick-connect nylon rope for simple blower attachment. Ducts are made with good quality materials and endures -20~180℉ temperature (-28~82℃).

Durable and well thought out unit.

Fabric reinforcement in the duct keeps most things from puncturing it on a jobsite.


25 ft (7.6 m) long flexible ducting

For 12 inch (30.5 cm) diameter fan ducting

Easy, hassle-free usage

Endures -20~180℉ (-28~82 ℃) temperature

Simple attachment to blower

Made with good quality material


Product Type: Flexible fan ducting

Length: 25' (7.6 m)

Suits Fan Diameter: 12" (30.5 cm)

Environment Temperature: -20~180℉ (-28~82℃)

Gross Weight: 13.2 lb (6 kg)

Package Dimensions (L* W* H): 13.8"* 13.4"* 10.2" (35* 34* 26 cm)

Package Content:

1 X 25' PVC Flexible 12" Diameter


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