Pyrex Glass Measuring Jug, 1L 1040929 29160


Size:1 Litre

  • Colour: transparent
  • Material: Glass
  • Dishwasher safe
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Size:1 Litre

Product Description

Made from Borosilicate Glass this product has high thermal shock resistance. Stain and scratch resistant, does not retain flavours. Conventional Oven Safe to 300 degress C. Microwave, Fridge & Freezer Safe. Dishwasher Proof. Easy Grip Handles. Guaranteed for 10 years against manufacturers defect.

Box Contains

1 X Glass Measuring Jug 1L


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5 October 2016
I bought this as an add on product to make my order up to the free shipping amount. And you always need another jug right?

Well turns out i did. This has taken over from my other plastic jug. The measurements are so much clearer and have several type, you know old and new money. The opening is HUGE so i can blend my smoothies right in the jug. And its Glass, not just glass but Pyrex so it takes hot stuff with no worries.

The hand is good too. Its strong and fits better in the hand than my plastic one.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting something more durable and reliable.
20 July 2018
This is a decent quality Pyrex jug and certainly looks like a genuine item to me. I've used Pyrex stuff for years and also have the 0.5L version which is still going strong. The problem I found with the 0.5L version is that sometimes it just isn't quite big enough.

This 1L variant essentially doubles the capacity, however for liquids under 500ml you will be better off using the 0.5L version as that has more granular measurements. The 1L version doesn't have measurements for under 200ml either.

The 1L measuring jug is slightly shorter than the 0.5L version but is much wider so it has a completely different shape.

- Genuine Pyrex so decent quality
- 1L capacity
- Dishwasher safe

- Measurements don't start until 200ml

- Very different shape to the 0.5L (shorter and wider)
11 February 2017
Some years ago I bought an Arcuisine version of this jug, not really paying attention to the fact that it wasn't Pyrex.

There are two very important differences between the two brands.

1)The Pyrex has a properly shaped lip which pours the contents into your container, not all over the worktop.
2) The markings on the jug survive the dishwasher whereas the Arcuisine gradually fades over time until they are indecipherable.

So, buy the Pyrex it's a better product.
19 January 2018
I bought this after buying the smaller one and realising this size would make life a bit easier when cooking! It feels nice and smooth, though I did find the label didnu2019t come off as easily as I would have liked but this was easily solved with soapy warm water, perhaps mine just had a dodgy label? I wanted a glass jug as plastic jugs arenu2019t the best for hot water, this one does the job. Itu2019s easy to clean, the handle is a good size and doesnu2019t get too hot when you do pour hot water into it making it very easy to use.

Itu2019s a good size, hygienic, sturdy and Pyrex stuff always lasts for years for me, so itu2019s a brand I will always go back to. It was delivered quickly and gets lots of use, 5 stars from me.
Uncle grumpy
27 November 2016
It has text on it under the pouring lip - which funnily enough you can't see on any of the photos that says Approximate capacities, yeah, just what I need in a 'measuring jug'
11 December 2017
Not sure what happened to mine. Read all the wonderful reviews.
First time washing in hot soapy water and I heard a crack as I placed it alone in the bowl. The handle broke off in pieces. Not at the join but at the bend in it. So now I have a jug with a dangerous broken handle, and 5 sharp pieces of glass ?
Please advise . Will add photos shortly
12 February 2018
Wanted to wait until I had used this at least half a dozen times before writing this review. I so wish I had bought one of these jugs years ago, I have had so many burnt fingers up to now trying to get bowls of cheese sauce out of the microwave.

I was amazed to find that the handle of this jug does not get hot even after 10 mins in the microwave which usually turns the sides of a normal glass bowl to an eye watering temperature. It is such a pleasure to use.

Really good size and great for using with a stick blender.
8 December 2016
Bought to replace an old Pyrex Jug that was at least 30 years old! Had to replace as the top edge of my Old Faithful had chipped u2639ufe0f Also the markings were getting rather faded with it being washed in the dishwasher.
This new one is a different shape though. I prefered the old style but does the job just the same...

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