iZiv Baby Changing Pad, Baby Diaper Changing Station Folding Travel Changing Mat Portable Changing Bag Waterproof Changing Station Lightweight Change Bag Kit with Large Capacity for Storaging Dlife DF20180303PT



  • Multifunction: When the portable diaper changing pad station folded, it's a clutch bag, can put diaper inside, and small gadgets like mobile phone, keys in the zippered pocket, when unfolded, it's a Baby Diaper Changing Pad. It's good item for mom/baby caregiver
  • Safe and Practical: Diaper clutch with a changing mat at 93cm(L) * 54cm(W), keeps all your diaper changing essentials on hand and organized, keeps your infant away from dirty surfaces and germs. Ideal for travel, daycare, and home
  • Lightweight and Durable: Baby diaper changing pad for travel made of 600D Polyester, it's durable, waterproof and lightweight, easy to take with you
  • Easy to Use: Simply open the diaper clutch bag to access diapers, creams and wipes, pull the folding padded mat out and spread it on whatever surface is available
  • Portable and Easy to Carry: Lightweight iZiv travel station kit for baby diapering. The slim design fits neatly in your diaper bag or purse, strap it to your wrist or clip it to your stroller
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Colour:Grey Stripe


-Weight: 200 g
-Fabric: 600D polyester, waterproof, braid, hook & loop fastener, sponge
-Package: 1 * iZiv Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad

-100% polyester baby diaper clutch, folds small and holds diapering
-iZiv portable, high-quality diaper change station comes with a detachable padded changing mat, unfolds dimension at 93cm long and 54cm wide
-Fashionable Baby Diaper Changing Station folds and unfolds quickly, Simply open the bag to access diapers, creams and wipes. Pull the folding padded mat out and spread it on whatever surface is available, now you can change diaper for your baby on Waterproof Changing Station
-Diaper Clutch has removable storage pockets and a large, soft, waterproof changing pad. This portable changing pad with storage makes diapering hassle-free. The large mesh and zippered pockets are designed to have everything handy, to hold diapers, wipes, creams, baby oil, phone, keys or napkins. No more heavy bags
-Easy to use, carry and clean and folds down to a slim and stylish, oversized clutch will win compliments wherever you and baby travel
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11 September 2018
Can't wait to use this when my baby girl is born.. The size is great its not small so big enough when baby grows. I've seen some tiny travel mats this is perfect fits in bag too
28 March 2018
Brilliant product! Smartly designed! Made life so much easier for us when changing the little one! Keeps her hand away from the nappy area and she loves playing and chewing the little plastic buckle inside whilst changing her lol
Amazon Customer
24 May 2018
Good quality but doesnu2019t stop my baby touching changing mat in public toilets
27 March 2018
Product arrived ahead of estimated delivery time, which was a positive surprise. Package was sleek and small.
The changing mat looks stylish, although a little smaller than I thought it would be, but It should do the job and looks very practical to carry around. I love the
19 July 2018
great product, estimated delivery time perfect
Amazon Customer
6 September 2018
Fast delivery and good service but the product itself was flimsy (it doesn't stay upright and would fall over the baby's face (I think)) there was also areas of poor stitching. I shall return
Jennifer Howden
16 August 2018
Rubbish stitching flimsy , just folds over when baby touches it as it's soft so defeats the idea
23 July 2018
Got this to help bringing our twins home via a plane journey. It did the job fine, allowing us to change them on the plane while keeping their hands u2018in checku2019.

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