Fantasy Fields - Magic Garden themed Pink Book Case Kids Wooden Bookcase with Storage Drawer| Hand Crafted & Hand Painted Bookshelf | Child Friendly Water-based Paint Fantasy Fields By Teamson W-7500A


Style Name:Magic Garden

  • Keep the bedroom tidy and organised, encourages your child's love of books. Holds up to 50+ books. Dimensions 55.8 x 29.21 x 96.52 cm
  • Quick and easy assembly, with step by step instructions. Hooks are provided for anchoring to the wall for your childs safety
  • Teach your kids colour and character recognition and enhance their imaginative minds
  • Hand Painted & Hand Carved. Designed, manufactured and packaged by skilled craftsmen
  • Part of the Fantasy Fields Magic Garden bedroom furniture and storage range from Teamson.
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Style Name:Magic Garden

Product Description

Learning is promoted and creativity is inspired with the fantasy fields magic garden bookcase. perfect for storing books and displaying awards, this 3 shelved floral creation is sure to be a hit. hand painted and hand carved with high quality sturdy wood, and convenient 2 drawer storage with dragonfly and bumble bee pulls. the bookcase also offers 2 hooks so it can be secured to the wall, so there’s no chance of it tipping over. pair the book shelf and the magic garden rocker together, and you’ve got quite the pair.

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25 May 2017
Bought this for our 4y/o who loves her books and she adores it.

It went together really easily. The instructions were super clear (all the pieces were individually marked, which was a huge help with this process). Often these flat packed items have issues with holes not drilled fully, or bolts and screws that don't thread well - none of that here. It went together beautifully, and I managed to assemble it alone in under an hour, meaning I got to surprise my wife and daughter with the fished product.

In terms of finish, the paintwork isn't perfect (going over the lines in some places), but given the whimsical childlike theme, that actually works in its favour. Only noticed one or two small chips to the paintwork, but luckily they were on the interior so not noticeable once filled with books.

It's perhaps a bit more than we'd have liked to have paid, but given we've not seen anything anywhere near so nice at a lower price, we can't really complain.

The only real downside is that if you fill the top shelf, you can't see the design, which is a shame, but I'm certainly not going to deduct marks for that as it's unavoidable, really (without making the back much taller).

Overall we're very happy with our purchase.
12 May 2017
Such a gorgeous and sturdy bookshelf and very easy to put together. It comes very well packaged and really well labelled, so unlike other flat pack furniture, it is really easy (and fool-proof) to put together. While there were slight marks on three of the pieces of this bookcase, which did annoy me at first, once you put it together you really don't notice the minor imperfections at all. In fact I can't see them myself!
The book shelf is spacious, allowing for books of all heights and the drawer (only one) at the bottom is a useful addition for toys/ games etc.
This is the second Teamson bookshelf I have bought and would highly recommend.
Daddy DJ
15 July 2018
Expensive at full price but if you manage to bag one on sale its a lovely addition to a child's bedroom
17 December 2017
Cute great colours but came with a few scratches, can't match the colourful paint up doest take a lot to scratch Your paying for Fantasy Fields name a little over priced would be of great benifit if it came with a little tray of paints for those touch ups after its been chipped
13 November 2017
Very cute, but just so you know.. I am sure it is not made of wood
Cheryl A Lewis
15 June 2014
My daughter bought this for her daughters playroom and it is absolutely gorgeous, easy to put together (my daughter did it and she's not a DIYer) and looks really expensive. Well worth it.
maureen little
30 October 2017
easy to assemble lovely looking product
Lucia Bish
23 August 2015
This is such a beautiful book case. Perfect size for my 3 year old little girl who absolutely loves it. It came very well packed and it was very easy to assemble

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