Britax Römer KIDFIX² R Group 2-3 (15-36kg) Car Seat - Cosmos Black Britax Excelsior Ltd (First Order Account) 2000031433


:With SICT

Colour:Blue Marble

  • Secure guard - helps to protect your child's delicate abdominal area by adding an extra - a 4th - contact point to the 3-point seat belt.
  • High back booster - protects your child in 3 ways: provides head to hip protection; belt guides provide correct positioning of the seat belt and the padded headrest provides safety and comfort.
  • Easy adjustable v-shaped backrest - designed to give optimum support to your growing child, the v-shaped backrest provides more space for their back and shoulders.
  • Removable backrest - we recommend you transport your child in a high-back booster seat for as long as possible. for greater flexibility you can also remove the backrest when your child reaches 135cm.
  • Easy adjustable, ergonomic headrest - designed especially for older children, when using the 3-point seat belt to secure them in the car seat.
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Product Description

Kid fix² r, the clever 2-in-1 child seat from our award-winning kid fix range, is not just extremely flexible, it’s also very comfortable for small and large passengers from around 3.5 to 12 years. the v-shaped backrest grows with your child and offers plenty of room while protecting them at the same time. we recommend using a high-back booster for as long as possible. however, with kid fix² r you can remove the backrest when your child reaches 1 cm for added flexibility. this gives you more space on the rear seat of your car without sacrificing optimal seat belt positioning thanks to secure guard and the belt clip.

Box Contains

1 x KIDFIX² R; 1 x User Guide


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26 January 2019
My 3.5 year boy enjoy it. Extremely easy installation using isofix. Just "click" and you're ready!

Lovely product.
And of course it's Britax tested by German ADAC.
David Precious
22 December 2018
First things first

Fits securely via ISOfix in the back of my 2005 Vauxhall Zafira A. Even when securely mounted, though, this seat's backrest can flop forwards a bit, which seems a bit unsettling, I'm used to seats which fit tight against the vehicle's seat backrest. There seems to be no way to "lock" the angle of the seat backrest. Since this seat uses the vehicle's 3-point belt to secure the child in, rather than having its own 5-point harness, that isn't a big deal - the child is restrained by the vehicle belt, not relying on the seat itself to restrain them.

The clip between the child's legs holds on to the lap belt part of the vehicle belt, making sure it stays in the right place (over the pelvis, rather than risking abdominal injury) and effectively making it a 4-point belt. The adjustable headrest incorporates a guide for the shoulder belt, making sure it goes in the correct place across the child's shoulder.

One minor negative is the lack of a cup holder or cubby holes etc - no big deal, but they can be handy on long trips.

The backrest is removable, leaving the base as a standard booster seat, but of course the advice these days is to keep kits in a child seat with a backrest as long as you can.

The side impact protectors can be unscrewed on the door side to come out as far as you need to be more or less touching the door, so that in the event of a side impact, they can help cushion the blow.

The seat cover is removable and machine-washable - something we definitely want, as our son has a bit of a tendency towards car sickness (although is getting much better at using sickbags!). We've not had to remove it yet, so can't comment on how difficult it is, but the instructions make it sound easy. You can buy a spare cover from Britax if you want to have a spare on hand.

Overall, my son (5) is very happy with it, and feels it's his "big boy" car seat, and says that he finds it comfortable, and we find it easy to belt him in to it (he's already learned to undo the belt, but he managed that with the 5-point harness in his previous seat too).
9 December 2018
We already have a Britax Römer Kidfix seat, and have been very pleased with it. It may lack the cubby holes found on some seats, but it gets good ratings for safety, is well made, and our children have never complained of feeling uncomfortable in it.

Having tried this new seat with our kids, we are also very satisfied with it. It has good safety features, is easy to install, and is well designed.

The ISOFIT clamps keep the seat in place, even when no child is sitting in it. They are easy to use, and can be unclipped very easily. Two handy ISOFIT insertion aids are also provided. Note that if you don't have ISOFIT points in your car, you can still use this seat, and the fixing rods can be pushed out of the way into the seat base.

The lap belt does a good job of making sure the seat belt is positioned correctly and doesn't move. It's made of soft material (so doesn't impede the child as they get in and out of the seat), yet it feels strong and sufficiently ridged to stay in the correct place when putting on the seatbelt.

I particularly like the side impact protectors, which can be adjusted precisely to accommodate the gap between the seat and the door pillars, and can be screwed back flush when the seat needs storing.

The headrest offers a lot of height adjustment, so should accommodate my children as they grow.

This seat also offers the ability to remove the back, leaving just the base as a booster seat. You need to loosen four Torx screws to do this (a small TX20 Torx screwdriver is provided). We found the conversion reasonably easy to do. Though we probably won't be using the seat in this mode since it loses the protection offered by the complete seat.

Also included is an attachable belt guide that ensures the seatbelt sits correctly on the child's shoulder when the seat is used in the booster seat mode.

The base and back of the seat are flat, without any protuberances that might wear against the car seat.

Build quality and materials seem good, although the plastic at the side of the seat-back feels a little thinner and flexing compared with the plastic on our older models. The cover is removable and machine washable.

The instructions are comprehensive and clear.
Tom Douglas
7 January 2019
The head and neck protection in this seat is amazing. Or it looks amazing and I hopefully never need to find out for real. Maybe lesser-looking protection would be just as good, but I just want to be reassured as a parent, and this seat has toddler-level head protection in a seat for 5-12s.

Aside from my own peace-of-mind, this is also a very comfy seat for the child, with open sides to allow for growth and decent padding throughout. My 8 year old had graduated to a booster seat only, as his full seat was too uncomfortable, but he has taken to this one immediately, and says it is like an upright bed, which he is using for power-naps on every car journey.

Happy boy, happy dad.

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