Blauberg UK RR 100/0.35 Plastic Duct, 100mm Dia, 350mm Long


Colour Name:45 Degree Bend - 100mm

  • Available in 100mm, 125mm & 150mm Diameters.
  • Plastic Solid Ducting is robust, versatile and very easy to cut
  • Please note: 2m comes as 2 x 1 metre and a connector
  • The smooth surface of the ducting makes it a better option than flexible duct
  • For more variety please type Blauberg uk in Amazon search bar
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Plastic Solid
Our Plastic Solid is robust, versatile and easy to cut; making it the best solution for your ventilation system. The smooth surface of the ducting makes it a better option than flexible duct, as it causes less airflow resistance. Thus having a less dramatic effect on your fans performance.


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30 June 2016
A nice unobtrusive exterior vent for your tumble trier. Our original round and white vent was brittle and dying due to the elements, and needing a replacement. Since our house's exterior plastic work (guttering, downpipes etc) is the same colour, it was a shoo-in for the job. There's not much to say, fixings to the wall are hidden within the fascia (you have to hold the vent louvres open to reach the screw holes) but if you have an uneven outside wall in natural stone or similarly uneven materials you may have a bit of a problem trying to get the vent screwed in properly. It really needs a very flat surface in order to attach 100% properly. As it is, we have not screwed it to the wall at all, letting the outlet hose hold it in place. In any case, since we presently have one of those "come home to a real fire" tumble driers in the Hotpoint recall we can wait a little before thinking harder about attaching this to the wall.

Behind the louvres there's a circular attachment for the vent hose that takes the typical 100cm diameter hose, around which is a similar arrangement for hoses with a squared vent attachment. It does a simple job very well, and looks-wise is streets ahead of our previous vent which we'd been happy with for about 18 years! Although it is listed as being for extractor fans, it seems to work well for our tumble drier.
K. F. Moore
24 March 2018
Easy to fit, don't cause any noise, and actually look pretty good too. Have resisted the wind which destroyed its predecessor (different type!). Should note, the funnel bit just clips into the base, so we glued it, just to make sure the wind didn't destroy it.
14 November 2018
I used it to stop the back draught in my bathroom, attached to a Manrose extractor fan with 21 l/s extraction power. It did and still does work well, after 2 months of operation. The shutter does not seem to have a negative effect on the extraction rate of the fan when it is on - it can be the case if the fan does not have enough air flow to open the shutter. It seems to take about the same time to clear the moist air in our bathroom as it was before the installation. It is also much quieter in operation, than the alternative solution with spring loaded shutters, which we had previously and which produced quite a noise during windy nights when the shutters opened and closed by themselves. Not the case any more. Very happy with our purchase!
JC Ford
6 November 2018
Had white ones previously that stood out like a sore thumb. Bought these black ones and that look great matching in with the black pipework and guttering in the back of the house - very pleased and recommended.
15 October 2017
When looking for a air vent cover this jumped out at me, where I stay is very windy and our last one was less than useless.
With this one there are no issues with wind noise and gusts making their way in. Plus it’s was only circa £8 and has a small profile on the wall.
23 May 2018
This product seems reasonably well made. The flaps are free enough to allow the extractor to work easily.
I bought it to stop the wind blowing back. However it has not yet been windy enough for me to comment on this.
Andy Richardson
4 April 2017
I know I shouldn't "love" something as simple as a fan vent cover but it does it's job well, is easy to fit and is a good price. That is exactly what I wanted and happy with the product.
The Wombat
16 January 2018
It's okay build quality but wobbles quite a lot when the fan is running generating noise of its own.

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