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:120 Degree



  • Item: Silicone Reducers
  • Material: Silicone Polyester Reinforced
  • Operating Temperatures: (-) 60°C to (+) 180°C
  • Sub-Type: Washer - Air - Water - Vacuum - Coolant
  • Wall Thickness: 3 Ply - 4.5mm, 4 Ply - 5.5mm
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Reducing Silicone Hoses are manufactured with a formulated multi layered reinforced construction making them ideal for replacing old rubber hoses and particularly suited for all custom collant plumbing applications.

Hose specifics

-Operating Temperatures: (-) 60°C to (+) 180°C

-Item: Silicone Reducers

-Wall Thickness: 3 Ply - 4.5mm | 4 ply - 5.5mm

-Colours: B (Blue) - K (Black) - R (Red)

-Material: Silicone with Polyester Reinforced

-Length (Straight): 127mm

-Leg Length (elbows): 45° / 90° - 150mm (Each Leg)


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Jan V. H. Luthman
10 August 2016
I cannot be the only person in the world who has garden umbrellas, umbrella stands and garden tables that don’t match up – partly because stands and tables last for ever, but umbrellas don’t. Poles on the new umbrellas always seem to be too thin for the old stands. and the original plastic adapters have long since got lost or broken, and replacements are impossible to find. So, I bought this 35mm silicone hose, and a short length of similarly coloured 45mm silicone hose, as sleeves for the umbrella poles. The 35mm hose has an OD of 44mm, and fits perfectly inside the 45mm hose. Between them, the two take care of any combination of umbrella pole, umbrella base and table hole. Because the hose walls are compressible, the screws in the umbrella stands grip really well. The arrangement may seem slightly Heath Robinson, but it works really well – I’ve never had such reassuringly stable umbrellas.
James Bryan
31 August 2016
Not Brilliant to be fair. This was the third hose I had ordered from ASH in as many weeks and the second to go back. I'll be going elsewhere from now on.

Product arrived tatty and had clearly been in a parts bin or on a dusty shelf, brown bits of dirt and loads of gritty bits inside with two deep slashes into the pipe that were not far off the reinforcement element.

It was also the wrong colour.

Not happy.
26 February 2017
This is a little bit short on the 51mm side,I struggled to get it to fit on to a VW Golf PD130,I had to pull up the intercooler pipe to be able to fit the clamp over it so I removed it with in a few days because I was not happy with the strain it was putting on the plastic pipe that comes from the intercooler
Mr. John T. Hire
22 August 2018
First class wanted it to reduce the waste pipe on my motorhome and it is perfect for reducing to the size of domestic pipe.
Nigel Williams
1 November 2017
Great value silicone reducer elbow, good quality and it comes with good lengths beyond the bend to allow for trimming in either direction.
Nigel Williams
20 October 2017
Brilliant fitting reducer elbow, very high quality and exactly what I need to fit the snorkel to the new airfilter box on my Land Rover.
10 July 2018
Good quality and quick delivery
23 November 2018
Great product

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